Friday, August 26, 2011

Iran's nuclear weapons intentions: Suggested beach reading for the President!

With President Obama returning from vacation, perhaps he should take a few minutes to read up on new developments concerning Iran's nuclear weapons intentions and plans for the region (i.e. Israel)!

Hurricane Irene bearing down on the east coast however might force this reading to be an indoor activity for the President.

It is of course easy to understand President Obama forgetting about some pressing global issues with his fun in the sun, golf and all of the excitement surrounding whether or not he felt the Virginia earthquake while on the putting green (the answer is that he didn't).

But earthquake or not, Iran continues moving forward.

Heading back to Washington

With President Obama now refreshed and recharged after his R&R, he is no doubt ready to get back to Washington and hit the campaigning and fundraising trail in earnest with renewed vigor, but here is a reminder for him.

Iran's nuclear weapons intentions are still a clear and present danger to Israel, the entire Middle East and to the rest of the world!

Sanctions be damned, nothing has changed beyond Iran continuing to move down the nuclear weapons path, if in fact they haven't already arrived at that destination!

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