Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene Sunday: Presidential priorities as Obama golfs while soldiers are laid to rest!

Hurricane Irene
will be hitting at some point today with the rain having started in New York yesterday morning at 10:00AM!

Given that fact it is difficult to know whether I will still have power to post.

In the event that I don't, this article takes a look back at President Obama, our Commander-in-Chief, on the day that some of the victims of the Taliban deadly attack on a Chinook helicopter were being buried.

Neither soldiers funerals, an horrendous US economy, lack of jobs, an earthquake or any other crisis will keep the President from his appointed "rounds" on the golf course (H/T Postal Service creed)!

Hurricane Irene Sunday look at Presidential priorities!

From IOwnTheWorld c/o American Thinker,

"…On his first full day of vacation, August 19th, as Obama golfed one of Martha Vineyard’s private courses, at least five of our most elite – some of the 30 victims of the deadly Taliban attack on their Chinook helicopter August 6th — were laid to rest. Even Obama’s ambitious 77 rounds of golf in as little as 31 months failed to numb to the image. [snip]

No one believes Obama could have logistically attended the funerals of the thirty fallen, particularly with his busy fundraising schedule. And in all fairness, Obama did change his schedule to meet the flag-draped coffins returning to the U.S. on August 9th — at which time he posed for a photo, distributed to news outlets and posted on the White House website as the Photo of The Day — regardless of the request from at least nineteen of the bereaved families not to do so. But nine days later he was throwing humility to the wind and hitting the links, which seems to be par for the course on Obama’s lavish romp through public service. Still, watching our most revered soldiers laid to rest as their Commander-in-Chief putts, seems to prove once and for all the job isn’t just outside his comfort zone, it’s above Obama’s pay grade.

It’s obvious that still unbeknownst to Obama, the Office of the President really does follow him wherever he goes, as does the honor and dignity of every soldier. It comes as no surprise that our Commander-in-Chief golfs, bikes, and hobknobs as the men he is charged with sending into harm’s way are laid to rest. And it comes as no surprise that the soldiers he forsakes make a mockery, even quite inadvertently, of Obama’s incompetence by their very exceptionalism ..."

Read the full story at the link above.

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