Sunday, August 14, 2011

Got $99? Be the next Barack Obama, only better! (Video)

If Double Rainbow wanted to run for president in 2012 against Barack Obama, there is now a way for him to do it!

Who you may be asking is Double Rainbow, why would he want to run for president and even if he did, how could he possibly accomplish it?

All one needs to do is to take a look at the state of the US economy among other things to understand how anyone, even someone named Double Rainbow, could believe that they could do a better job running the country than Barack Obama.

Double Rainbow

Watch the first video below and you will experience the exuberance and enthusiasm of a man expressed honestly and spontaneously without the use of a teleprompter. That puts him one-up on Obama already.

Imagine the ideas and insights that a candidate like this could develop. That's strike two for Obama.

I can also sense, through the obvious haze, that this man has a love for the country that he calls home. That is strike three for our current President Obama who seems only to have disdain for his adopted land.


The Facebook application Votocracy is the method through which an alternative candidate could run without the enormous amount of cash required for the traditional candidates.

This need for raising cash is the reason our elected officials start campaigning the day after they are sworn into office, and the reason why they are beholden to the special interest groups that supply this cash.

This video explains some of the process.


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