Friday, August 5, 2011

Egyptian elections are coming! Egyptian elections are coming!

Egyptian elections are called for November with the Muslim Brotherhood not as unpopular as some might have you believe!

Remember Egypt? Remember Hosni Mubarak and Obama administration insistence that he step down? Remember the Muslim Brotherhood?

Well none have gone away although the issue has been supplanted by political theater, domestic economic crisis and international economic turmoil (Note: US employment report released at 8:30 EST).

It's a classic case of out of sight, out of mind. All of those pesky foreign policy and national security problems around the Middle East and elsewhere overseas have, for the moment at least, taken a seat at the end of the bench.

We don't hear much about the uprisings or the government killing of innocent civilians in Libya or Syria.

Haven't heard much about Iran's nuclear weapons program or the status of relations between the United States and our "good friend" Pakistan.

And we certainly have not heard much about Egypt other than the media coverage of Hosni Mubarak on trial in a hospital bed behind bars in a cage.

This vision, provided by the mainstream media, almost seems like an attempt to remind us all about how bad Mubarak was while at the same time subliminally telling us that better things are coming in that country.

In November (delayed from September) Egyptian elections are scheduled.

These are the elections that were called for after the "democratic" uprisings toppled the U.S./Israel friendly Mubarak regime. This toppling was aided in no small measure by the insistence of President Obama that the Egyptian leader must go.

Similar demands were of course not made by the Obama administration of other leaders facing similar popular uprisings around the region who, not surprisingly, were already anti-Israel/U.S.

When Mubarak was removed there were concerns in many corners that this leadership vacuum would be the opening that the Muslim Brotherhood was looking for to turn Egypt into an Islamist state.

We were of course assured at the time by the incompetents in the Obama administration that the Muslim Brotherhood had no such leadership desires, was in fact an unpopular organization and, most importantly, was a secular organization.

Low and behold the Muslim Brotherhood is just not that unpopular in Egypt!

We of course already knew that the Muslim Brotherhood was not a secular group and that it did have desires to control the Egyptian government, but what about its popularity among the people?

The fact of the matter is that the Muslim Brotherhood is not as unpopular as some might have us believe, and that due to the fractious nature and disorganization of the other political parties in Egypt, could win as much as 40% of the seats.

The Egyptian elections, if they are held in mid-November, could present the first of many potentially negative shoes that could drop in the Middle East.

Analysis of the Egyptian elections

An article by Barry Rubin of GLORIA and MERIA examines the election, the popularity of the Muslim Brotherhood and its potential to gain control in Egypt.

"Several recent polls purport to show the Muslim Brotherhood is unpopular in Egypt. An article in the Atlantic is particularly laughable, claiming the Brotherhood is less popular than Richard Nixon when he resigned!

The most important single point is this: the Brotherhood isn’t at an “unpopular” 17 percent but a very popular 34% from Egyptian voters who declared support for a party that might win seats. In other words, one in every three Egyptians who have decided and will have a real role in the outcome are ready to cast their ballots for the Brotherhood. It is the largest single party. And it has advantages that make it likely to get more than 33 percent of the seats..."

Read the entire article at Pajamas Media here.

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