Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bias attack on Pakistani family in Boonton, New Jersey, random attack or targeted attack?

Why the rush to label an attack against a Pakistani couple in Boonton, New Jersey as a bias attack?

I was listening to the radio this morning and a reporter from an NBC affiliate was talking about a tragic incident in which a family was gunned down by automatic weapon fire. The wife was killed, the husband wounded and the child unharmed.

The wife is Pakistani and was dressed in traditional cultural garb and the husband was not.

The reporter said that Boonton had become an attractive place for American-Pakistani's to live and that the shooting took place on a quiet street.

This is not necessarily the location where you might expect a bias attack to occur.

You might expect that one could occur when a group of one ethnicity or race is in an area they do not typically go into such as when a group of blacks was attacked in Howard Beach many years ago (although one could occur anywhere).

But why jump to immediate conclusions in this case?

This shooting could have been one of three things; a bias attack, a random shooting or it could have been targeted, but why the rush to immediately label it as one of bias?

Shootings take place in other neighborhoods of one predominant ethnic or racial description every day that are typically not labeled until the label is known with some level of certainty.

Is this just another example of political correctness for the Muslim community run amuck?

Note: The police and the victims family have stated that they do not believe that this was a bias attack.

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