Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Barack Obama's Billy Carter? Meet Uncle Omar!

Arrested for DUI, an illegal immigrant from Kenya who happens to be Barack Obama's half uncle, Onyango Obama (Uncle Omar), tried to call the White House to get sprung!

Ah the memories! Who can forget Billy Carter and the embarrassment he would continually cause for his brother, President Jimmy Carter.

Well it turns out that President Obama might have more than one skeleton, or Billy, in his closet who he himself brought to light in his book, "Dreams From My Father."

Due to the fact that the mainstream media tends not to cover anything from the Presidents past that could in amy way be construed as a negative (i.e. Reverend Jeremiah Wright), you need to find these story's at outlets like TPC.

It all started during the 2008 presidential election campaign when then candidate Obama's Aunt Zeituni was discovered living illegally in Boston and with the help of an immigration attorney was allowed to stay.

Now we have Uncle Omar who was arrested for DUI and tried to reach the White House with his one phone call. He has since retained the same attorney as Aunt Zeituni.

From The Washington Times (H/T IOwnTheWorld)


The Australian is reporting that Onyango Obama has retained Cleveland lawyer Margaret Wong. This is the same immigration attorney who successfully represented Mr. Obama's sister Zeituni, when she managed to avoid deportation to Kenya. Mr. Obama pleaded not guilty at his remand hearing.

*Clarification: Onyango Obama nearly hit the police car. He did not actually hit it, according to police reports.


A number of media outlets have already reported that an illegal immigrant from Kenya by the name of Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested last week on Wednesday after he nearly rammed his SUV into a police car in Framingham, Massachusetts.

He was later charged with DUI among other violations. I spoke to Framingham Public Information Officer Lieutenant Delaney who told me that when Onyango Obama was asked at booking if he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail, the Kenyan immigrant replied: "I think I will call the White House."

Full article here.

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