Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Barack Obama et al: When you get a chance, can you give these domestic and national security issues a little attention?

The US faces serious national security and domestic issues such as:

  • Who the Libyan rebels will turn out to be. One can only assume they will in some form be radical and Islamist in nature despite Obama administration assertions that this will not be the case,
  • The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking control in Egypt despite assertions from the Obama administration that this would not be the case,
  • A struggling US economy that the President will address with new ideas sometime in September,
  • A lack of US jobs (see US economy),
  • The pending gang of 12 committee meetings on deficit reduction,
  • The EU sovereign debt crisis,
  • A teetering global banking system,
  • An imminent nuclear armed Iran.
But hey, can't a guy take a little time off from Washington for a vacation to recharge, relax and spend a little time with his family and elitist friends on Martha's Vineyard?

This is the mantra invoked by the left that has been picked up by the Republicans in order for all to appear sympathetic to some assumed right that the President of the United States has to go away on vacation and that this vacation needs to be to the playground of the rich and famous.

Forget about the fact that there are so many Americans who can't afford the luxury of spending a weekend at the Super 8 in Bayonne, a president does not have some inalienable right to time off from Washington!

That is the basic fact no matter how many briefings he gets from staffers between skipping the 8th hole and going straight to the 9th hole to avoid contact with the Washington Press Corp.

He can't forget about Libya and the Libyan rebels although he did take some time off from the golf course to make a pre-packaged statement that said absolutely nothing.

He can't forget about Egypt which appears to be sliding in the direction that everyone knew it would when that government fell at Obama's urging (i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and Israel having her national security severely compromised as a result).

He can't forget about Syria killing innocent civilians at will despite the fact that he told them that they needed to stop.

He can't forget about the US economy and the jobs picture that keep slip sliding away into oblivion.

He can't forget about an EU and global banking system that is on the brink once again if it in reality was ever truly pulled back from the brink.

Although he might want to, in reality as President he can't forget, forget, forget anything and needs, at the very least, to present some semblance of the appearance of leadership and presidential stature. Even if he doesn't mean it or can't accomplish it..

This guy needs a vacation to recharge (from what would be the next logical question) and relax with his family the way I need to drive my car into a brick wall!

Luckily JFK didn't need the same luxuries and hung around Washington during the Cuban missile crisis no matter how alluring Hyannisport was!

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