Sunday, July 17, 2011

Under a minute to go, the EU has the ball...

Pardon the sports analogy (because this is certainly not a game), but the clock is running out on the multiple crises facing the EU and the U.S.!

The "leaders" in Washington should learn the lesson that is currently being taught by the "leaders" in the EU.

Actually, our "leaders" in Washington already have and in fact might have taught the lesson to the EU!

The lesson is in the form of being in the midst of a self-induced financial crisis with the accompanying refusal of "leaders" and "monetary experts" to face the music.

And then, once the music is faced, typically to a far lesser extent than is actually required, refusing to make any of the tough and difficult decisions* needed to secure the nations future.

Or at the very least to try and secure the future.

What is real life to you and I in the United States and to the people in and around country's like Greece, Portugal, Italy, etc., is merely just a political game to those "leaders" in power.

The JFK inauguration speech bastardized

Remember the JFK inauguration speech that said "ask not what your country can do for you...?"

In the halls of Congress the questions our politicians should be asking themselves is not what we the people can do for them, but what they can do for us in the form of the future fiscal viability of the country.

Instead, our "leaders" in Washington ask themselves questions that in no way revolve around what can they do to help the people, the country and the future of the country.

No, these employees of the people ask themselves the question of how the dire economic situation in the U.S. can be best be solved, make that exploited, for their own political gain.

This starts first and foremost at the top with President Obama who is on his one and only mission. That is the mission to try and win a second term, country be damned in the process!

The questions about how solving our fiscal crisis can help secure the futures of the people on "Main Street" they love so much to talk about seem to be very secondary!

Time is running out

There is under a minute to go and Washington, as well as the EU, had better score for the people before the clock runs out!

*Tough and difficult decisions defined: These are the decisions, made or not made, by politicians that might be the right ones for the good of the country, but that might compromise their political careers.

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