Friday, July 22, 2011

Obama concedes that he will lose the 2012 presidential election! (Video)

Obama will be a loser in the 2012 presidential election if his own words translate into voter action!

While the conceit, pomposity and delusion of this President never ceases to amaze, for once Obama has accurately described his chances for winning a second term in office come the 2012 presidential election.

During an interview on a Kansas City television station President Obama conceded that the 2012 presidential election would be a referendum on his stewardship and performance in office.

To quote the President, "And if next November they feel like I’ve been on their side, and I’ve been working as hard as I can, and I’ve been getting some things done to move us in the right direction, I’ll win. If they don’t, then I’ll lose."

So if the 2012 presidential election will be a referendum based on whether the American public feels Obama has put the United States on the right track for moving successfully forward, consider the following short list.
  • If the American public feels that putting the U.S. AAA credit rating in imminent danger of being downgraded is a good thing,
  • That expanding deficits and debt to unimaginable levels is a formula for economic success,
  • That being responsible for a 9.2% unemployment rate with a 20% real unemployment rate is a positive measure of presidential performance,
  • If captaining the ship that is guiding the U.S. economy into the danger-zone of double-dipping back into the abyss of recession (if you believe it had ever bounced up in the first place) will be considered successful leadership, and
  • If leading the country into what could be considered a diminished standing globally, as Obama continues to act as the official apologist for current and past United States policies and actions, is considered to be good and effective foreign policy, then
Obama will win back the White House!

But as I said, the President in his own words has conceded the 2012 presidential election if it is truly to be a referendum on his stewardship!

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  1. I always vote for the one who thinks about me every day. What nonsense! Since when is constant campaigning, funneling money to your cronies, showing contempt for America and Americans, bypassing Congress to get what you want one way or the other, golfing and vacationing doing the people's business?

  2. Are you soooo blinded by your contempt for this president that you would use misleading headlines against him? How dare you say that this president predicted that he will lose in 2012? He is merely stating that if the people don't think he is not doing a good enough job, he will not win. That is common sense for anybody! There are sooo many factors that could be involved with this man winning or losing. Nevertheless, you need to stop providing misleading information. It's people like you that produces the immorality that is growing more and more in this country. It must feel good to be a distorter of the truth huh? That is how the devil got Eve to eat from the forbidden tree. Doing exactly what you and Fox news do. I don't have to ask you about your religion. I think it's pretty obvious who you are following. Sad, sad, sad!