Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Russia Today T.V. interview discussing the Casey Anthony trial obsession (Video)

My Russia Today America T.V. interview discussing the Casey Anthony trial obsession in the U.S.!

In response to my article, "Casey Anthony trial watching: Don't Americans have anything better to do with their time," I was asked to appear as a guest on the Russia Today America show anchored by Kristine Frazao to discuss my views.

It became clear early on that the hosts plan was to try and turn the discussion in the direction of race.

Why, she wondered, are none of the thousands of murders involving a black mother and a black child headline news while it has been all the Casey Anthony trial, all of the time?

The point of her question was to insinuate that in America there exists a blatant imbalance between the perceived value of lives.

That somehow the murder of a white child garners headlines while that of a black child would be ignored.

I explained that it's all about ratings and that if a case involving a black mother and child had hit the scene first and gained traction, that's where the attention would have been.

In the 24-hour world of news that we live in there is no black and white, only ratings.

Finally I made the point (tongue-in-cheek of course) that with Obama in the White House, any thought of disparate values being placed on lives could not possible exist as we have become a post-racial society.

Wasn't that to be one of the many benefits provided by this man to our country?

Of course as it turns out President Obama is more of a racial divider than any president in recent memory.

And none of the other supposed benefits from his presidency have ever materialized either.

Interview warning: I needed a little more sleep!

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  1. Now they want a law that makes it a felony to not report the death of a child within one hour. Do they really believe that a law like this would have impelled Casey to admit that her daughter was dead?

  2. Lawmakers don't believe anything. They merely act reactively after an event and never proactively in anticipation of one.