Monday, July 11, 2011

It is the most interesting blog in the world!

The Political Commentator had the article, "Obama: The American Jews are mine! (Gallup)" selected as one of the internets most interesting articles for the week of July 3rd to July 9th!

Each week The Conservative Journal selects "the 10 most interesting posts" from around the blogosphere, and The Political Commentator is honored to have had one of its pieces placed on the list.

The article, "Obama: The American Jews are mine! (Gallup)" examines the reasons why Jews in the U.S. are so blindly willing to follow a man who does not have their best interests or the best interests of their heritage at heart!

At some point in time blindly following ones political ideology needs to be superseded by a common sense approach that looks at who truly is the best leader for the country and for Jews specifically.

Not conceptually the best, but in actual fact.

If the American Jews took this approach to selecting the candidate they vote for, the country would be in much better shape today!

This article on the Jewish dilemma also appeared at the blog, Death By 1000 Papercuts!

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