Thursday, July 14, 2011

Irish bookmaker sets the line: Will US debt be downgraded and will the debt ceiling be raised

For all of you punters out there, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has set the line on a US ratings downgrade by Moody's and on whether the US debt ceiling will be raised!

If you are a follower of odds and like betting favorites, then betting against the ratings downgrade and for the debt ceiling to be raised look like sure things.

Remember though that there is no such thing as a sure thing and that the only locks are on doors!

From Irish bookmaker (and remember to only bet where it is legal to do so and with your head, not over it):

The debt ceiling

The odds for the debt ceiling to be raised:

Yes it will be raised: 1/8
No it will not be raised: 9/2

The odds for a Moody's downgrade of the USA AAA
Will Moody's downgrade the US?Hide
Singles Only.
Applies to Moody's credit agnecy offically downgrading the United States' Aaa rating for long term obligations.
Applies to 2011 only.
SelectionPrevious OddsCurrent Odds

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