Friday, July 8, 2011

How does Obama explain away this abysmal jobs report?

We'll find out at 10:30 AM when Obama takes to the teleprompter and most likely attempts to somehow blame the horrendous economy on the Republicans!

He will stammer, stutter and talk about how these numbers are unacceptable and how growth will depend on increasing taxes on the rich and on getting the debt ceiling passed.

What is clear is how much of our money this administration has squandered while accomplishing absolutely nothing. That is unless bringing the country to the brink, in Obama's mind, is accomplishing something!

The down and dirty economic statistics released this morning!

Unemployment up to 9.2%

ONLY 18,000 non-farm payroll jobs created!

Trillions spent on "stimulus" to make sure that what has happened wouldn't happen!

The bumps in the Obama road to recovery have become absolute sinkholes!

We need change in 2012 or we will all be in the poor house!

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