Monday, July 18, 2011

A happy birthday for the President as a $19,000 per seat 50th birthday fundraiser is planned!

President Obama has a 50th birthday fundraiser planned for the day after the debt ceiling deadline!

Is he crazy, or is he ...

Now this fundraiser, with the top price of $38,000 per couple, is certainly only for the richest Americans President Obama likes so much to ridicule.

Not your basic middle class richest Americans the President so badly wants to raise the taxes on during a recession/depression.

You know those small business owners/jobs creators making $250,000 a year.

An amount we all know in many cities around the United States is far from rich but are people who make a perfect target in an election year.

The same people who, if taxes are raised may actually have to cut jobs rather than create them.

No, this party is for the truly uber rich and reflects the high degree of presidential chutzpah we have come to expect from this man.

The political tin ear of this President?

This 50th birthday fundraiser, which the President would have to cancel if the worst case occurs on the debt ceiling August 2nd, is merely one more indication that:

a) The President could care less about what the country thinks as long as he is still raising cash and campaigning for re-election, and
b) Many in the country, taking the lead from the MSM, don't seem to think about what the President does or doesn't do.

So, will social security checks go out on August 3rd if there is no agreement on the debt ceiling as President Obama has threatened would happen?

Does he really care about that, other than to use it for political gain?

The question then remains whether this President actually has a political tin ear or,with the help of the MSM, is crazy like a fox?

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