Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Breaking news: Barack Obama enjoys success in the one area that matters (Video)

That is the one area that matters to Barack Obama! Fundraising and gathering cash for his 2012 re-election campaign!

Despite Barack Obama's record in the White House, he is still appears to be a cash magnet!

Republicans Beware!

In a disturbing report for Republicans (and for America in general), Barack Obama raised $86 million in campaign contributions between April and June, well beyond the stated goal of $60 million.

What this says to me is that despite:
  • Plummeting poll numbers,
  • A miserable record on the economy,
  • Detached and ineffective leadership,
  • An abysmal foreign policy and national security record that has taken a backseat to what has been a crippling domestic policy,
  • The man can still raise money.
The Republicans had better get it together before the Obama campaign train leaves the station and leaves us behind!

A message from Obama campaign manager Jim Messina

"... The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee raised a combined $86 million between April and June, blowing past the $60 million goal set by both groups at the start of the fundraising quarter.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina announced the total in a video released before dawn Wednesday, touting the 552,462 donors who contributed and claiming “more grassroots support at this point in the process than any campaign in political history.”

“We did this from the bottom up. We didn’t accept one single dollar from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs,” Messina said. “We have reason to be proud of what we’ve built so far … Your job, my job, our job is to bring more people into this campaign...” (Politico)

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1 comment :

  1. If only the President was successful in any area of significant importance to anyone but himself!

    Despite his abysmal record in office, Obama can still ring the register!