Wednesday, June 8, 2011

While Obama takes a four-year nap, the global dangers continue to fester and grow

What can I say about President Obama that I, or anyone else whose eyes are even half-open, hasn't already said?

Sure I could go on about the economy that every shred of evidence says is heading in the wrong direction while Obama will tell you its moving the right way. All thanks to him and his administration's disastrous policies of course.

The country are moving in the right economic direction ONLY if his ultimate goal is to actually destroy the economy and turn the United States into an EU PIGS type of nation.

A socialist state where there is no drive, ambition or innovation and where the people are dependent on the government for everything.

That thought has of course crossed my mind in the vein of the Manchurian Candidate turned Manchurian President.

As bad as he is on the economic front, Obama may even be worse when it comes to working on national security and foreign policy matters!

What national security and foreign policy matters is the President working on you might ask?

Judging from what I have seen they are, among other things:
  • Trying to destroy the county's superpower status, schmoozing
  • Alienating our friends while with our enemies,
  • Using a patchwork quilt style of dealing with the explosiveness of the "Spring" being sprung in the Middle East and
  • Ignoring the potential for nuclear weapons or materials to fall into the hands of our enemies (i.e. terrorist nations such as Iran, terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda or "friendly" nations possessing nukes already with terrorists up and down the chain of command such as in Pakistan).
National security stories in the news

Iran and Pakistan (both stories are from G2 Bulletin)

As I said one (Iran) wants nothing more than to obtain or build nukes and wipe Israel, and then the rest of the western world off of the map while the nukes in the other (Pakistan) seem to be anything but secure.


"Disregarding international sanctions against its budding nuclear development program, Iran is on a crash course to obtain uranium from Africa and Latin America to mine into yellowcake, and eventually use as fuel for its nuclear reactors..."


"A terror group working inside Pakistan has begun swarming over the region where the Pakistani army operates production complexes to build nuclear weapons and storage facilities for them..."
While the President can sleep at night and campaign during the day, the world continues to pose great dangers to the national security of the United States!

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