Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarah Palin can't win, Part 2: What the readers think!

What readers think about the article, "Sarah Palin can't win"

My TPC article, "Sarah Palin can't win," appeared at the website GOPUSA and some of the comments were both insightful and thoughtful. And some of course were not. These are some of the more thoughtful ones.

Atlascott: "90% of African American voters will vote Obama no matter what he does or says, because he is black. They believe that he represents a victory for their “race” — even though only individual accomplishment can be a true source of pride.

At least 50% of Hispanic and Latino voters will vote for him because he is a pro-amnesty and legalization of illegals, and supports turning the US into a socialist dictatorship, which many of them are comfortable with, since it is essentially where they came from.

At least 25% of white voters will vote for him out of white guilt and extreme liberalism and multi-culturalism (all cultures are good except traditional American culture, which is bad, so Change — whatever that means — is good).
And wading into this Progressive/Alinsky “us versus them” mentality will be some GOP good old boy who has been feeding at the same trough as the rest of the political establishment. He will blah blah blah all of your typical Republican platitudes.

Tea Partiers will vote for an independent candidate, split the vote, and we will have Obama for 4 more years. The GOP has essentially pissed all over the TP since the beginning and will now try to curry favor here and there, but a insider hack is an insider hack.

Obama is a terrible President, but there is no one out there, Tea Party or not, who stands a chance. Our best candidate on the issues — Ron Paul –is dismissed because GOP war profiteers and the brainwashed don’t like his foreign policy (though he needs to wake up and support Israel) and Fed beneficiaries and big corporations which receive government subsidies for no reason — under Dems and Republicans — will not stand for it.

Financial ruin is right around the corner if our government keeps wasting our money. Increasing spending justifies — that’s right — government confiscation of wealth, and eventually, property. In some corner of hell, Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx are having quite a laugh."

Carol: "If this president stays in for second term, I do believe that this country will be utterly destroyed by his agenda. I know that a lot of the people who voted for this man see him for what he is, a capitalist, white-hating racist who only uses the people he surrounds himself with to achieve his goals. Shall we call him King Obama or Dictator Obama? Either one is fitting.

I know for a fact that a lot of the blacks who are decent, hard-working people have realized that this man is not for them. He is out for one thing and it is power over the American people. He plays the part of caring when it fits him.

He has angered the Jews by his anti-Semitic stance toward Israel. He circumvents the Constitution whenever he wants to do something that the Congress may not approve. I see even the Democrats are taking a stand against him. No, I do not believe that all of the people that voted for him in 2008 will be fooled this time around.

And yes, I happen to think that both Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are two extremely intelligent and beautiful women both inside and out. I would love to see them run on the same ticket. Either one could run circles around this thug in our White House. These women are above reproach which is more than I can say for this high-flying, corrupt president. They say what they mean and mean what they say which is more than I can say about this fork-tongued back-peddling president and all without the help of a tele-prompter.

I believe that, unlike this president, they really are concerned about the condition of our country and sincerely want to see this country not just survive but thrive unlike this administration. Every decision he has made has only made things worse, the economy, unemployment, the moratorium on deep-water drilling, the value of the dollar, to name a few. I cannot believe that so many are still fooled by this man. Either this man is completely inept or he is purposely trying to destroy this country.

I know one thing, he definitely does NOT speak for me. My prayer is that he is not allowed to serve another 4 year term. If he does, may God have mercy on us all."

Annie: "I have to say I do agree with the commentator here about Palin. I think she is a terrific Republican cheerleader but I’m not so sure she has the thick skin required to be president. It seems that when things get to be too much for her she rabbits, which may be why though she is highly popular among conservatives in terms of her cheerleading, by and large they have considerations on voting for her. Which she probably knows, since she is still not getting into the race, but rather dancing around it.

Personally I think Bachmann is the real deal. She is strong, very intelligent, knows the issues, knows the beast that Washington is and a strong constitutionalist. Though I still sense there is a dark horse coming – maybe Ryan. A lot of people want him to run – we still have lots of time folks before we have to fret about Obama getting a second term.

Personally, I don’t think he will – the demo that got him in was the youth vote. He energized them like no one ever has – but now he has also discouraged them like no other candidate has – they’ll stay home. And if they do, I just don’t think he can win it."

Acs777: "I believe personally that Palin has a chance despite attacks on her not only the left but the back-stabber that wrote this article!"

Wcofuv10: "At last count there is 169 million Registered voters of which 72 million are Democrats, 55 Million are Republicans and 42 Million are Independents.

We win big if we have the incentive to vote. . The dems will never get more than 45% of their registered voters (including fraud) to show up. The Tea Party Et al. along with the right candidate will get 70% of Registered Republicans to vote. 70% of 55 Million is 38.5 million, 45% of 72 Million is 32.4 million for the Dems.

Now for the so called independents. Many conservatives hide as independents because they want peace and quiet and do not want to be harassed by liberal pun-dents. Some conservatives will register as independent in order to vote in the primaries. If no republican is running or has opposition in States like Mass. you need to be registered as independent in order to choose a democratic ballot in the primary.

I estimate that around 26 of the 45 million registered independents vote democratic and that 16 million of the 45 million registered independents vote Republican. If 45% of the 26 million independent voters who vote democrat vote that will be a total of 1,170 million votes from independents for democrats.

If 70% of the 16 million registered independents vote Republican that will be a total of 1,120 million votes for the Republicans.

Summary, Republican votes 38.5 million plus independent votes 1,120 totals to 39,620,000,00 and Democratic votes 32.4 million plus independent registered vote democratic 1.170 million. totals to 32,570,000,00. .

The Tea Partier’s will not only raise $$$ they will pay for ads and campaign like crazy for one of thier selections. They will not if Mitt is the nominee. Also the last 3 presidential election proved that the Republican candidate always cary more States then the Democratic candidate, example Bush 30 States Gore 20 states, ergo we win the electoral college as well. The icing on the cake, Allen West is Black and Rubio is Spanish.

I will predict Obama and Biden will win unless the Republicans nominate any combination of all those conservative Tea Party choices.."

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