Saturday, June 18, 2011

Peace talks with the Taliban? Why not hold them at a beach resort on Mars?

Report that peace talks with the Taliban are underway!

Why don't we hold the peace talks with the Taliban on Mars because the chances of either event succeeding are zero!

Peace talks with the Taliban. That is the report out of Afghanistan this morning with Afghan President Karzai saying that "Peace talks have started with the Taliban already and it is going well."

Another great use of Obama administration ineptitude (or worse) by a dangerous enemy. Another ploy to drag the U.S. along some imaginary path to "peace" while the enemy goes on its merry way in war.

Does anyone, besides of course our President whose endgame for our country is still unknown (at least to me), really think that peace talks with the Taliban have one iota of chance to be a success?

The Obama plan - Peace talks with the Taliban and other "strategic engagements"

Engage the enemy and negotiate is the plan. Regardless of the entrenched hatred and ideological mission of that enemy to destroy all of western civilization that does not think, behave, pray and believe as they do.

Engage the Taliban in "peace" talks. That is the Obama plan

Engage Hamas in a talks for a two-state solution when its Charter is extremely clear on the need for Israel's destruction!

Engage Iran in negotiations to stop its nuclear weapons program. Slap sanctions on that country so that it can continue down the nuclear path while we look on.

Attempt to engage Middle East despots while civilians are slaughtered.

If not alliances with the despots, engage the rebels who are very likely al-Qaeda or Islamist extremists of some kind.

The Obama plan comes from a place that I do not understand, as much as I do not understand his actual goals for our enemy or for our country.

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