Friday, June 10, 2011

Is it an "Arab spring" or a winter of discontent

Put another way, is what has been perceived as a surge of democracy seeking fervor in the Middle East in reality just the opening act.

The opening act in a move towards Islamic theocracies in country's who are currently the Arab version of our friends?

That sentence is slightly confusing I know, but the question it asks is whether the "joy" of Obama over what have been described as the "democratic uprisings" or the "Arab spring" in Egypt and other moderate countries around the Middle East is in actuality the exact opposite.

That these uprisings are being spurred on by factions whose goal is to install Islamic theocracies that adhere to the tenets of Sharia Law?

Is the President's joy actually over the fact that those country's that have been quasi friends to Israel and the United States are going to fall into the leadership hands of Islamic extremists such as the Muslim Brotherhood?

Has his administrations willingness to sit by and watch the slaughter take place in Syria or Libya been due to the fact that the leadership in those places are already anti-Israel and anti-U.S.?

For me, his disjointed and inconsistent policies in handling the conflicts in the various countries around the Middle East has given me my answer.

"The coming crisis in the Middle East"

I would highly recommend reading the article by Barry Rubin at the MERIA Journal "The coming crisis in the Middle East" here. It describes in great detail the dangers that we face in the region!

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