Monday, June 20, 2011

Fukushima nuclear disaster and a major spike in the U.S. infant mortality rate!

The Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan continues to smolder, burn and spew nuclear waste, but the big story is overshadowed by trivialities like a Weiner!

As the world is told that the crisis in Japan is contained and under control there is some anecdotal evidence that suggests otherwise! Is there a place in this story for conspiracy theorists?

Given the short attention span of the world, the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan and its aftermath has been firmly placed on the back-burner of global interest.

When story's like a rogue Weiner attacking women around the country through social media exist, what possible place could this ever evolving Fukushima nuclear disaster have in the media or the publics minds?

The facts are however that the continuing crisis at the Fukushima complex appears to be far from over, and it appears to pose a high degree of danger not only to the people of Japan but to people around the world. A few facts:

  • Five nuclear reactors at Fukushima are still burning more than 3 months after the crisis began. By comparison Chernobyl burned for approximately 10 days.
  • Plutonium, strontium, cesium, uranium and other nuclear materials are reportedly still being released into the atmosphere. Consider that if only one pound of plutonium was evenly distributed to every human inhabitant on earth we would all die.
  • A newly installed water treatment system at Fukushima #1 that is designed to remove radiation from the massive amount of water at the plant had to be shut-down.
  • Workers can't enter Fukushima #2 due to high humidity levels so the doors were opened to try and reduce it. Tepco said opening the doors would not have an adverse impact on the environment
  • Workers need to get into Reactor #2 so that they can inject nitrogen into the reactor to prevent a hydrogen blast.
  • Since the Fukushima accident there has been a 35% increase in the infant mortality rate, in parts of the United States. Consider:

"Physician Janette Sherman, M.D. and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano published a report Monday highlighting a 35% spike in northwest infant mortality after Japan's nuclear meltdown.

The report spotlighted data from the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on infant mortality rates in eight northwest cities, including Seattle, in the 10 weeks after Fukushima's nuclear meltdown.

The average number of infant deaths for the region moved from an average of 9.25 in the four weeks before Fukushima' nuclear meltdown, to an average of 12.5 per week in the 10 weeks after. The change represents a 35% increase in the northwest's infant mortality rates.

In comparison, the average rates for the entire U.S. rose only 2.3%." (

So while human interest stories dominate the airwaves, keep in the backs of your minds that the crisis at Fukushima in Japan is not over. No matter how little attention it is getting!

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