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Unscientific poll: Jews still willing to vote for Obama!

Obama, Jews, Israel and 2012: Be careful, be very careful

After listening to the global Muslim outreach speech by President Obama this past week that included his call for Israel to revert back to the pre-war 1967 borders, it brought the same old question back to the fore.

Is President Obama any friend of Israel, Israeli's and of Jews around the world?

Of course the other question has been and will remain how Jews rushed to support, campaign for, vote for and express support for the President in the first place.

We are well aware of the fact that he is a friend and protege of Reverend Jeremiah Wright (until the political heat got too hot) who in turn is a friend and admirer of Louis Farrakhan!

That much we know for sure (see "Obama, Jews and the transitive property"), so logically speaking can Obama be a friend to the Jews and Israel when his mentors are anything but? Guilt by association? That and more.

Why my concern about Obama and Israel now!

With the 2012 presidential election fast approaching it is my hope that liberals, independents and Jews in particular would not be fooled a second time around by the charade and rhetoric of the "Hope and Change" President.

My concern is driven however by my informal and unscientific polling of some liberal Jews that I know who have all said pretty much the same thing: "Who will the Republican alternative be?"

I have answered that question with another question of "what difference does it make?"

If you don't like the Republican alternatives then keep your vote in your pocket I say.

Or if you believe that the two alternatives are bad, use past performance as a guide and vote for the least worst. Using that metric Obama would not stand a chance.

But don't, based on force of habit just throw your very precious votes behind Obama because you don't like the Republican nominee. Put another way, what do you like about Obama?

Liberals and independents voting Obama would in my mind be choosing a president based on omission rather than commission which is no way to a decision. Just doing the same thing they always did before

They need to ask themselves instead "what do I like about Obama and the last four years?"

The man has one thing to hang his hat on, which he will incessantly do, which is the killing of Osama bin Laden.

I give him credit for making the decision although the ability to have had that decision to make came from the prior administration.

What accomplishments does he have to show for his years in office and what failures does he have? Is the country in a better place today because we have Obama in the Oval Office?

  • Are we a safer country?
  • Are we a more secure country (see safer)?
  • Has he been the uniter he claimed he would be or a divider?
  • Has he been a man of his word or simply a politically expedient speaker of meaningless rhetoric?
  • Has he handled the crisis in the Middle East well allowing Egypt to fall and yet sitting by as innocent civilians are being slaughtered in Libya and Syria?
  • Is it mere coincidence that the government of Egypt was moderate and pro-United States and of the other two radical and purely anti-United States? And that by insisting that Mubarak step down the Muslim Brotherhood will no doubt push to sever the treaty with Israel, cut the natural gas supplies and open up its borders while becoming much less our friend?
  • Are we in better economic shape?
  • Are jobs available or is the actual unemployment rate close to 20%?
  • What will happen if the Obamacare bomb is allowed to drop after the 2012 elections? Do you believe it needs to be dismantled?
  • Are we more or less respected around the world? Feared?
  • Do you really and truly have faith in the man?
  • Do you believe that he has the best interests of all Americans in his heart?
  • Do you believe that America is first in his heart?
  • For all of the Jews of voting age, do you believe that President Obama has your best interests at heart?
  • Consider that if Obama spent the country to the edge of the economic precipice with a 2nd term still possible, what would he do in a 2nd term?
  • And the list goes on... fill yours in here!
Americans need to think long and hard when they enter the voting booth in 2012. They need to not vote their ideology but their belief that the man or woman they are putting in the White House is the best person for the future of our country.

This is one of those times when past performance is most likely a good predictor of future results!

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