Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama to Ground Zero: Patriotism, an attempt to unite or pure political expediency?

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Obama presides over the covert raid that took out Osama bin Laden, and will run to Ground Zero on Thursday to achieve the full political effect!

All under the guise of a national feel good moment

Sorry to be so cynical, but with the 2012 presidential election right around the corner the President will wring as much political mileage out of the bin Laden death as is humanly possible. And what better place for him to start than at Ground Zero to announce, "Mission Accomplished!"

Do not make the bin Laden killing and trip to Ground Zero just another campaign stop

While the catching and killing of bin Laden is long overdue and a great global event, it is by no means an end to the jihad movement. In some ways it may be just the beginning of a new phase. Therefore, the President should not use this event for political gain and instead stay in the White House to work with his national security team insuring the continuity of the nation's national security.

That's his job! Not campaigning for 2012!

"The killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden represents possibly the biggest clandestine operations success for the United States since the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 2003. The confirmation of his death is an emotional victory for the United States and could have wider effects on the geopolitics of the region, but bin Laden’s death is irrelevant for al Qaeda and the wider jihadist movement from an operational perspective..." (STRATFOR)

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