Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Introducing The Economic Peephole: Keeping an eye on your money!

From the people who bring you The Political Commentator comes The Economic Peephole

From those same people who have been bringing you a slightly different take on politics and global events at The Political Commentator comes a look into the world of the economy and personal finance.

Presenting The Economic Peephole!

It could be a look at the merger between Microsoft and Skype and the 10 best ways to use Skype in business.

Or it could eyeball a stock market look at fast food versus fine food and the top 50 restaurants in the world.

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Crude oil: Everything you wanted to know...*

Microsoft buying Skype? Ten ways to use Skype in your business (and personal) life!

The economics of eating and the worlds 50 top restaurants (Charts)

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