Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Faith and begorrah: Obama embraces his "Irish" roots while burning his Jewish bridges

If it's Monday it must be Ireland, Tuesday tea and crumpets with the Queen and maybe, just maybe next Sunday President Obama will make it to one of the worst tornadic killing fields in U.S. history!

That's only if a better campaigning offer doesn't come up somewhere else in the meantime.

Obama's Irish eyes were smiling

Just how far back in his lineage President Obama had to search in order to find his Irish roots I do not know.

Wherever it was found, this was just the latest example of 2012 presidential election pandering when President Obama tells a crowd in Ireland, "My name is Barack Obama, of the Moneygall Obamas, and I've come home to find the apostrophe we lost somewhere along the way. We feel very much at home." (Yahoo)

Maybe he'll stay there. If not then he'll most likely find a long lost relative of some other nationality so that he can visit and attempt to call that country home.

In that way he can try and attract all of their U.S. relatives of voting age to bolster his sagging approval ratings.

While he celebrated his Irishness over a pint of Guinness in Dublin and enjoyed afternoon tea in England, back in the good old US of A he was being schooled in absentia by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

First he was schooled on how to give a speech from the heart and without a tele-prompter, and then he was schooled on the realities of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The problem is that in my heart of hearts I don't think Obama really cares about the reality of the conflict.

He seems to only believe in his own reality that it is Israel, not the Palestinians, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Hamas, Syria, nor anyone else, who is the root cause of all of the problems.

The bottom line is that every move he has made in the Middle East says to me that he cares little for the long-term survival of Israel.
  • Ignoring the Iranian nukes crisis;
  • Encouraging the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt so that now that country is in the position where the Muslim Brotherhood will assume control and negate all treaties and agreements the country has with Israel;
  • For the most part ignoring his failed policies in Libya and Syria where civilian slaughter is taking place but where the leaders have ideologies more to his liking;
  • Bending over backwards towards the Palestinians requesting nothing of substance from them while making outrageous demands of the Israelis.
All of this while his arrogance tells him that while 70%+ of the Jewish vote might not be there for him in 2012, 50%+ most likely will anyway regardless of his positions and policies in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, back at Westminster Abbey, the President signed the guest book with May 24, 2008. Perhaps it was simply a mistake, but imagine for a second what the mainstream media would have said about his intellect if President Bush had done that.

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  1. He about as Irish as a Yorkshire terrier but not as smart.