Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are you fracking kidding me?

The environmentalists will tell you that fracking endangers our drinking water, but is that really the case?

Fracking is a method through which natural gas is extracted from deep below the surface of the ground.

The environmentalists say that the process uses poisonous chemicals endangering the drinking water of millions of people.

They say that fracking has caused drinking water to catch on fire, and in fact number one on the American Rivers list of the most endangered rivers is the Susquehanna River due to the risks they see presented from the fracking process (see complete list of rivers below).

Anyone who believes the have right on their side would be will to debate, correct?

On a recent episode of Stossel environmental groups were invited to present their arguments against the fracking process, but they declined. Here is a clip from the show (if it does not load it can be seen here).

Do I know for sure whether or not fracking poses any danger or is 100% safe? No I don't although I do know this.

When one side of an argument refuses to debate the issue with the other side of the argument, then maybe they don't have the real facts on their side, and instead depend on swaying public opinion with their version of the facts !

Susquehanna River (NY, PA, MD)
Threat: Natural gas extraction

Bristol Bay (AK)
Threat: Massive copper and gold mine

Roanoke River (VA, NC)
Threat: Uranium mining

Chicago River (IL)
Threat: Sewage pollution

Yuba River (CA)
Threat: Hydropower dams

Green River (WA)
Threat: Exploratory drilling and mine development

Hoback River (WY)
Threat: Natural gas extraction

Black Warrior River (AL)
Threat: Coal mining

St. Croix River (MN, WI)
Threat: Rollback of longstanding protections

Ozark National Scenic Riverways (MO)
Threat: Overuse and poor management

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  1. Take a look at the documentary gasland.

  2. I know all about it. Those were the guys who wouldn't go on Stossel to debate,