Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time Top Ten Trump Transgressions

Imperfect businessman Donald Trump would be imperfect candidate Trump

A potential candidate possessing fatal flaws who would only serve to hurt the GOP/Tea Party cause of taking back the White House!

First let me say that Donald Trump has some excellent views on what needs to be done to help put the United States back on the right track. He is a straight-talking alternative to the same old same old GOP candidates we have seen so far. That, however, does not a presidential candidate make or I would run.

Mr. Trump is a polarizing megalomaniac whose current claims to fame are a television show starring a group of megalomaniacs (Celebrity Apprentice), and his hair. For all of his proclamations of unbridled successes (with no missteps ever mentioned) there have been many failures and likely one or two ghosts in his closet as well. Particularly having spent many years in the gaming industry in Atlantic City.

Remember that no GOP candidate will escape intense and thorough vetting the way that candidate Obama did!

Mr. Trump should put his ego to the side and play the role in the 2012 election that seems to have been tailor made for him, particularly after the Obama birth certificate episode. Stay on the sideline and push the envelope on issues including not only on President Obama's hidden past but on all of the issues and controversies that he has conjured up since taking office!

That way any ghosts in the closet can stay there.

Left-leaning Time Magazine Top 10 Trump Transgressions

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