Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pamela Geller: Forensically speaking, the Obama birth certificate may raise more questions than it provides answers! (Video)

As much as I would like to say case closed on the Obama birth certificate so that the country can move on and simply focus on his failures as President, it has simply not been possible to do!

We are hopefully getting close.

Rarely in the history of our Republic has a sitting president stirred as much controversy as President Obama has, although some such as Clinton and Nixon have come close. Yesterday, amid great fanfare the President did the country a favor and produced a document that people have been asking him to produce for years.

He purportedly did this so that he, and the country, could move on to some of the more pressing issues at hand such as the economy, the budget deficit, the debt limit, national security and so on. In reality no one knows why he chose this moment in time to do so, but ending this "silliness" as he calls it seems as if it was just an act of political expediency.

The pressing matters that this production would free him up to focus seems to be the 2012 election and fundraising. Nothing that will benefit the American people now or in the future. The video was courtesy of a discussion on Facebook.

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