Friday, April 1, 2011

Must read: Anti-semitic son of a Nazi SS member who discovers he is a Jew

What happens when an avowed anti-semite who is also the child of a member of the Nazi SS finds out that he is actually a Jew? (the picture of the SS armband comes from a neo-Nazi website proudly selling Nazi uniforms)

I wrote an article yesterday about Alan Dershowitz attempt to go to Norway and speak about international law as it applies to the Israel-Palestinian conflict (article here). He met what was termed anti-Israel opposition that in reality seemed more like a cover for anti-Jewish sentiment.

Comment on the article from GOPUSA

The article, "In Norway Alan Dershowitz persona non grata and Jews non expectata," was posted at GOPUSA where the following comment was written. It is gripping in its content and in the fact that the more things change, apparently the more that they stay the same.

"I have a friend, who is German/Croatian. His father was in Hitler's SS, and until he did his geneology, and found out...he's Jewish, used to spout some truly horrible things about Jews. He learned all this in SCHOOL, in the text books! He is 58, btw

The following is just some of the foul lies told and taught in Germany.

1)Jews control the world, especially banking. They control 90% of all money.

2)Jews should not be allowed to have their homeland...they stole it, by their huge conquering army.

3)Just before the so-called Holocaust, there were only 3 million Jews in the entire world. Therefore how can they claim 6 million or more died during a non-existent event? Sure, "some Jews may have died, one is too many, but 6 million? NO!"

4) the Holocaust never happened, it is a trick by Jews to get even more money from the world. There were no death camps, they were work camps and everybody had to do some time in one for the war effort. The stacks of photographed bodies? Fake. The tattoos? Part of the conspiracy.The ovens? Put there by the Americans, just to make Germany and Hitler look bad. (My friend had actually toured some of these camps, many are shrines, and that was the line spouted, Dachau supposedly had perfectly clean ovens and therefore the Americans put them in there, and they were financed by "the Joos.")

5) Hitler knew nothing about this so-called Holocaust, it was Geobbels and Himmler's doings. Hitler was fine, good and some believe holy man.

I could fill many pages with this horror, these people fervently believe it, and when loopholes are pointed out, they refuse to even discuss the matter, "our government would not lie to us!" If this is taught in Germany, then it makes a lot of sense that people in other countries have the same erroneous beliefs. Even here in America, a LOT of supposedly educated people believe we have soldiers and bases in Israel, killing Arabs to uphold OUR Constitution. huh? what?

This kid of anti-Jewish sentiment is why islam a is nice, sharp hook in our society. Dangle the "Jewish monster" in front of ignorant people, they bite, the muslims pull on the pole and the bait is swallowed as the hook is set. Our POTUS himself tried to pull the "muslims have been here in our country from the beginning, they have a rich American history..." nonsense. Scratch our POTUS, and I'll bet there is a strong anti-Jewish streak in there.

People who have never even met a Jew, and generally are reasonable people, will practically foam at the mouth when the word Jew is mentioned, or will blame every frickin' problem our country and the world has on "THE JOOS!" MOST (if not all) I've met are liberals, and why the heck Jews are overwhelmingly liberal is unfathomable to me. Kinda blows all to hell the fable Jews are right tight with a dime, don't it? (said facetiously, I think.)

I think that my feeling is the same as my father's, when it comes to the Jewish people. My father cried while he was telling me this story...When I was in 5th grade, he and my mother went to a class of sorts, on the Jewish Holocaust. It tore my dad up (boy, was he a flaming, bleeding heart liberal, but without a single bias or prejudice in his soul). He had tears coming down his face when the lights went on. The group was filing out and a man in the next aisle saw my father's tears. The man said, "Why are YOU crying? They were just Jews."

Every person must be valued if we are to have a civilized, and free society. We can never all be the same, Our Creator HAS given us, tho, certain unalienable rights. As long as the muslims hate the Jews, the Blacks hate the Whites and so on, wars will continue. We have just about conquered the civil rights battle in this country and I daresay, in the rest of the Free World, but when a huge majority of a world, despises a tiny minority, and vows to wipe them off the face of the earth, at worst, and simply doesn't want 'em in their country just cuz, at best, then we will have suppression and hatred and the huge, hateful majority will rule supreme, sooner rather than later.

IF the Jews ARE wiped out, then who are the muslims and the rest of the haters gonna hate? Yeah, I'm lookin' at YOU. THAT'S who.

Support freedom, support Israel."


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