Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday caption contest: Commander in Chief or....? What is going through these soldiers minds?

The need for some cojones in Libya

I wrote "The need for some international cojones in Libya!" yesterday after weeks of the Obama administration's handling, or more accurately non-handling of the Middle East crisis.

Specifically the article discussed statements that President Obama and Defense Secretary Gates had recently made about Libya, implementation of a no-fly zone and war in general.

Soon after writing that I saw a tape of the President getting on Air Force One, giving the customary salute to the soldiers at the foot of the stairs as the Commander in Chief of our nation when it struck me.

What is going through these soldiers minds as they salute?

I present below an incomplete list of the messages sent and decisions put forth by this President and his administration over the past 2+ years:
  • The anti-military statements that have come out of this Administration;
  • The rules of engagement that handcuff soldiers and make a dangerous job that much more dangerous;
  • Ceding our national security to the United Nations;
  • The refusal to term attacks as terrorist and the perpetrators as terrorists. This week in Germany where two soldiers were killed immediately comes to mind;
  • Telegraphing the dates we will be withdrawing from combat;
  • Making a political game out of the decision to deploy additional troops to Afghanistan;
  • The initial decision to hold terror trials in New York City instead of before a military tribunal;
  • The implementation of the phrase "overseas contingency operations" and removal of the term "war on terror" from the vernacular;
  • Bowing to foreign leaders and apologizing to the world for the actions of the United States;
  • The inept way that this Administration and this President have handled the current crisis in the Middle East;
  • The fact that this President seems almost ashamed of America's superpower status;
  • Policy decisions that seem to have been made due to pressure placed on the Administration by other nations. The scrapping of our missile defense program in eastern Europe due to the displeasure of the Russians comes to mind...
Given this partial list, what is going through these soldiers minds when they are compelled to salute President Obama as the Commander in Chief of the United States?

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  1. Hmmmmm........Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Abraham Lincoln

  2. "Why am I saluting this weak, ignorant, shell of a man?" - this is what I would be thinking.

    The guy is a failure on almost every level.