Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's the campaign season for Obama no matter what's going on in the world, as the President plans for a $30,000 a plate fundraiser in Harlem!

It's 2011. Do you know where your President is?

President Barack Obama will hold a $30,000 per head fundraiser at the Red Rooster Harlem restaurant later this month, Politico reported.

Obama will host a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the Lenox Avenue establishment of celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, according to the website. The event will be a small affair with six tables where attendees would pay $30,800 per ticket.

Afterward, Obama will attend a "thank you" reception at the Studio Museum in Harlem. The event at the museum is being billed as an invitation only and the DNC will not be asking for donations. (DNAInfo)

When our budgets are hurting what do you and I, the common working schmucks, do?

By the same token, when a federal budget is bleeding red, the economy is in the crapper, jobs are nowhere to be found, Japan is melting down and the world is embroiled in crisis after crisis, what should a president do?

  • In the first place you and I would cut back on our discretionary personal spending. Not as an option but out of necessity.
  • Some presidents might campaign just a little bit less out of respect for those in the country who are trying to make ends meet on a week to week basis.
  • Some presidents might do a little less fundraising and a little more empathizing.
  • Some presidents might postpone the attempt to solidify their political base that was there for them in the prior election but that is completely uninspired now. Or maybe make the attempt on a conference call rather than in person?
  • Lastly a president might understand that perception is reality and that enjoying a day on the links when his constituents are suffering and the world is in crisis might just look bad.

Not this President!

This weekend when you are toying with the idea of throwing $20 of gas in the car and taking the family for a drive to enjoy the pre-spring weather or going to the movies, consider the fact that President Obama doesn't have to make those choices.

Consider some of the costs involved in a presidential trip to anywhere and the fact that this President will not hesitate for one second to take one.
  1. Choppers from White House to Andrews AFB along with all of the personnel involved in such a move;
  2. D.C. police, Secret Service and Capitol police on overtime pay to ensure a clear and safe path;
  3. Cost to transport all of the support staff ;
  4. Cost of Air Force One and the transport of the cars for the presidential motorcade;
  5. Cost of police protection in whatever jurisdiction he is headed to in order to man the presidential route (not to mention some cost and nuisance to the citizens of the jurisdiction as streets are shut down for the motorcade);
  6. Planning and pre-visit reconnaissance by the Secret Service that could take days beforehand;
  7. Miscellaneous expenses that I am sure that I missed.
Sometimes for a worthwhile purpose but all to often for partisan fundraising purposes. Is there something wrong with this picture when you and I have to foot the bill?

Is this President unaware of the global goings on or just too politically tone deaf to even care?

It is all frankly to stunning for words!

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