Sunday, February 13, 2011

Please forward to U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

To anyone who may know how to get this to U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

Due to the apparent ignorance and confusion of Director Clapper and the obvious incompetence of his staff, please forward to his office the intentions and potential impact that enemies of this state and of U.S. allies could have on global security!

Examples of ignorance and confusion

The first public international embarrassment to Clapper and the United States was during his interview with Diane Sawyer in December when she brought him up to speed on the massive terrorist arrests in the U.K. That was an extremely painful "deer in the headlights" moment.

The second and maybe most frightening would be Clapper's recent Congressional testimony during which he discussed the "secular" nature of the Muslim Brotherhood (here and here).

Therefore, the onus falls on ordinary citizens to at least try to help educate him. Not for his benefit, but because he is seemingly not going to be asked to resign (as incredible as that is), for all of our benefits!

Truth be told, if he was clueless on these two issues, God only knows what other areas critical to our national security are falling through the cracks.

In any event, if someone would pass along these clips concerning the Muslim Brotherhood, it may prove helpful.

If we the people don't at least try and educate Clapper, the President and the rest of the naysayers in Washington and around the country on the true nature of the threat to the country and the world, who will?

First an example of naysaying from Congressman Keith Ellison, Democrat of Minnesota and the first Muslim to serve in Congress from the Star Tribune:

"Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison called the secular Egyptian revolution a "stunning rebuke to al-Qaidaism" and called fears of a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood a "scarecrow..."

This from the Earth Times prior to Mubarak leaving:

"If the "revolution" to oust Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak succeeds, Egypt will hold a referendum to decide the fate of its 1979 peace treaty with Israel, Israel's Channel 10 television quoted a Muslim Brotherhood official as warning Thursday.

"Israel has nothing to fear but its own crimes," Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Assam el-Erian told the channel..."

Then this from Haaretz:

"The Muslim Brotherhood movement in Jordan, the country’s main opposition group, described Saturday the downfall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as a “historic victory” with the United States and Israel as the main losers.

“The victory scored by this revolution is in the first place directed against the United States, which so far sponsored the toppled regime, and wanted it as a strong ally and defender of the Zionist entity and an enemy of the Arab jihad and resistance movements,” the group said in its first reaction to the developments.

It advised the U.S. and other western governments “to realize the lesson inferred from the victory of Egyptian revolution by acting seriously to change their policies towards this region.” The group also said that the political changes should send “a clear message” to Israel, which “thought that its security has been secured” by a 1979 peace treaty with Egypt. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he hopes whichever government rules Egypt will respect the treaty. Jordan and Egypt are the only two Arab states to have concluded official peace treaties with Israel..."

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