Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback: Obama, his Muslim faith, buyers remorse and more (Video)

June 24, 2010 I wrote this:

"... The Controversy Over President Obama's Muslim Faith Does Not Go Away Even In Light Of the Gen. McChrystal Controversy

As with most controversial issues that surround this President both now, and during the campaign for the office that he currently holds as leader of the free world, the mainstream media has covered none of them with any depth if at all.

During the campaign we had the Reverend Wright, William Ayers and other questions about now President Obama's past. None were covered because of the country's desire, led by the media, for the "yes we can" man of "change" to get this office.

Jews, liberal by nature, fell over themselves to get this man elected president. Buyers remorse? I think so, particularly in light of the President's apparent affinity for the Palestinians and disdain for Israel, but it is now too late. The security of our homeland is now in the hands of this man over whom many questions still remain.

Is He Catholic Or Is He Not? Does That Even Matter?

The Egyptian PM In An Interview Says He Was Told By The Man Himself That He Is Muslim.

The Question Is, Does President Obama Have The Best Interests Of The United States And Our Allies At Heart?...You Make The Call..."

Buyers remorse or be careful what you wish for

From the time President Obama was elected President I would ask my Jewish friends in the "hood" that I live in if they had any regrets for their choice. If they had any feeling of that old marketing phrase of buyers remorse.

Predictably the response would be along the lines of give him time. It takes time to reverse the mess that Bush got us into. Rome wasn't built in a day they would say and the results of the last eight years of Bush couldn't be resolved that quickly either.

What about the Reverend Wright, the questionable associations with radicals, his lack of a resume, the fact that his past in terms of religion and place of birth is so sketchy? Is he really a friend of Israel I would say?

The fact is that Jews and New York and Florida Jews in particular are liberals. That is what they were brought up as and that is how they will die. They vote democrat and Obama was the made for T.V. ideal for them. Could a liberal have found any more suitable candidate than Obama, particularly after a strong national defense President like Bush?

Bush made some mistakes as any president will, but there was never any doubt about his love for the country. I have said it before and I will say it again that I don't believe Obama loves the country. I believe that he and his far-left radical cronies love an ideology that they have tried to cram down the county's throat.

In office he found two very willing accomplices in Reed and Pelosi who helped him to fulfill much of his socialist agenda. He has, on his own, helped to foment the internal social strife we are currently facing by overreaching his authority in the union unrest (maybe his largest contributer base) and has done absolutely nothing positive to attempt to deal with the potentially catastrophic events overseas.

Is this all part of a greater master plan that the President has to weaken the nation? Is Glenn Beck right when he questions the President's allegiances, religion, place of birth and agenda?

Is this just the talk of a nut conspiracy theorist? The mainstream media would have you believe that because the mainstream media has been under the President's spell since the day he announced his plans to run for the office of President of the United States.

If Glenn Beck is a right-wing, conspiracy theorizing nut job then color me one as well. If you actually open your mind and listen to the words of men like Beck and Limbaugh instead of tuning them out because that is what you have been instructed and schooled to do, you will learn things and hear things that might surprise you and scare you.

Look around and ask yourself if the potentially cataclysmic events occurring around the world just happened by chance or if there was a chain of events that helped to bring them on. Then ask yourself where all the links in the chain are and the answer might surprise and scare you!

An Obama slip of the tongue from a man who is very careful never to have one

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