Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can a president be sued for malpractice? More specifically this President!

Why would a citizen of the United States want to sue any President for malpractice?

In the litigious society that we live in lawsuits can be pursued for many reasons, some legitimate and some so frivolous as to boggle the minds of sensible people.

Is the act of suing a sitting president for malpractice even possible? Would the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) come into play?

For what reason and with what justification, would a citizen of the United States even consider a malpractice suit against a president?

Possibly because a president is in effect the nations CEO and ultimately responsible for the performance, or lack of performance of the country. That when it comes to the domestic tranquility of the United States and our national and homeland security, the buck stops there!

While presidents will typically do their level best to discharge their responsibilities in a way they feel is best for the country, some situations and events occur that are simply beyond their control. President Bush and the attacks on 9/11 comes to mind.

So I ask again why, if he or she is doing their best for the country and are receiving the best counsel possible, would anyone blame a president if things don't go perfectly for the country? Isn't that a standard that is impossible to be held to?

Maybe so, but what happens when a citizen believes that a president is not doing his level best to perform the duties of the office? When a citizen may in fact believe that a president is actually performing his duties in a deliberate fashion with the goal of hurting the interests of the United States and her citizens?

Would that be grounds? Here is a list of reasons large and small that I have thought of concerning President Obama that is no doubt incomplete. Are these the actions of a President with the country's best interests in mind, or with some other agenda all together?
  1. The decision to hold the terror trials in New York,
  2. AWOL on Iran and that country's apparent imminent acquisition of a nuclear weapons capability and warhead delivery system (WSJ),
  3. Anemic and impotent handling of the current meltdown in the Middle East,
  4. Massive amounts of deficit spending accompanied by massive deficits for the purpose of pursuing his socialist agenda,
  5. The lack of any jobs creation although he continues to say that jobs creation is his primary focus,
  6. The economy continuing to drift,
  7. The failed $1 trillion stimulus that was implemented to avoid a drifting economy,
  8. Pandering to the unions who are his largest base for political contributions. As a result his helping foment social unrest around the country that began in Wisconsin,
  9. Telegraphing to the world when we will be leaving Iraq and Afghanistan supplying critical intelligence to the enemy,
  10. Destroying U.S. relationships with key allies,
  11. The weak and slow federal response to the BP oil spill,
  12. Imposition of a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the aforementioned oil spill costing jobs and impeding any hopes of energy independence,
  13. The ramming through of Obamacare,
  14. The ceding of U.S. national security to the United Nations,
  15. Czar appointments consisting of far left-wing cronies and other administration appointees who had difficulty paying taxes,
  16. Succumbing to Russian pressure and giving up our missile defense program in Eastern Europe, receiving nothing in return,
  17. Embarrassing the country as the apologist President,
  18. Limiting himself to the counsel of a small number of advisors while running one of the most partisan presidency's in recent memory,
  19. Buzzing the Statue of Liberty with Air Force One.
Some additional reasons discovered in this article at PajamasMedia titled "Well-Meaning or not, Obama threatens America."

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  1. Suing the State of Arizona for trying to protect themselves from illegal immigrants and drug gangs.