Monday, January 31, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt and the world (video, cartoon)

Does the Obama administration have a plan for an Egypt who is no longer our second "best friend in the region"?

The rhetoric from both the President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicates the United States is firmly planted on both sides of the fence.

The drama, to digress slightly, harkens back to a time when then candidate Obama was being questioned for his scant resume, particularly on foreign policy and national security matters.

Now all understand, as many of us understood then, that "Yes we can" and "Change you can believe in" are catchy slogans, but they do not get you through a global crisis.

Back in the present the riots persist and appear to be one major act away from spiraling out of control. What will the end game in Egypt be? Will it, as some might have you believe, turn into a fledgling democracy with minimal input being given by what has been described by some in the media as a moderate Muslim Brotherhood?

There is nothing moderate about the Muslim Brotherhood as the video below will show, and should opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei assume power he would be the puppet of an Islamic government that would be no friend of the United States, Israel or the world.

Context for the masses

To put it into a context that can be understood by the masses, many of whom don't care much for the United States or Israel, imagine $300+ for a barrel of oil and/or food prices that triple or worse. That is the problem that we now face!

Cartoon courtesy of Dry Bones.

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