Saturday, January 29, 2011

An American woman's tale of a Muslim life

Life under Sharia Law as told by an American woman

A chilling tale told by a woman whose father grew up Muslim in Albania. She tells of what life under Sharia Law is like for women, and why allowing it into the United States would be a grave mistake.

The story is timely given the upheaval and rioting in the Middle East, specifically now in Egypt (although in Yemen, Jordan, Tunisia, etc. as well). What would the citizens of these countries face under an Islamic theocracy based government were the Muslim Brotherhood to be the major force in the fall of the current government and rise of a new one?

What would the region, specifically Israel, and the rest of the world face if Mubarak falls and Islamic extremists assume power? And if Egypt falls, what happens in a country like Saudi Arabia that is ruled with an iron fist by the Royal Family? Global economic collapse?

The dangers of relying on your enemies for anything would come clearly into focus as crude oil would rise to hundreds of dollars a barrel (China is another example of enemy reliance). That said, here is the story.

The story from a website named BNI

So I had a long talk with my Dad about the recent sharia law block and lawsuits from CAIR and what it would really mean for the United States.

My dad was born and raised in the country now called Albania. He was born to Muslim parents, and therefore it was the only religion he has ever known. There are not many stories about Islam in Albania, not to the extent of Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or Afganistan where the majority of the population is Muslim. But he did grow up learning quickly that Islam is not at all what it seems. It teaches hate and violence against virtually all humanity.

It looks appealing to some people due to its culture though it varies with different countries and money. In Albania, for example, the woman who is engaged-to-be-married receives many gifts of jewelry and gold as does her family. There is also money given to the father of the soon to be bride. What most people who convert to Islam fail to realize is the true nature and horrors of it all. Wife-beatings are common and are permitted for any reason. Child brides are a normal custom among Muslims and men often leave their wives as they age in favor of the child brides (some forced into marriage as young as 4-5)...

Read the rest of the story at this link.

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