Sunday, January 2, 2011

Alexandria, Egypt Coptic Church bombing comments by some "Average Joe's"

What do some "Average Joe's" think about what happened in the terrorist attack on a Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt that killed over 20 people?

In a follow-up to the article "al-Qaeda rings in 2011 with a mass murder of Christians in Egypt (Video)," I wanted to present some of the comments that viewers of the video had. It will come as no surprise that many expressed outrage for the terrorists and sympathy for the victims, while others made the claim that it was not the work of Muslim extremists, but of course the Jews, Israel and/or the United States. Here is a sample from YouTube (all can be read at this link):

"christians should all move to their daddys house in america, they dont belong in muslim lands"

"Egyptian Muslim scholars (including the most radical ones) have all condemned these attacks. It is the CNN that doesn’t say so. These attacks claimed Muslim lives as Christians ones. Four of the victims are Muslim police sergeants who were guarding the church. Many of the wounded were by passer Muslims. Suspecting Mossad has merits. In the 50s, the Mossad organized false-flag bombings of places frequented by Americans and British in Egypt. Google ‘Lavon Affair’ to know more."

"All religions have sacred texts that could be interpreted as promoting aggression toward non-adherents. Google this ‘Is The Bible More Violent Than The Quran’. History leaves no doubt that Muslims are the least violent, especially when compared to Christians. Google ‘WWI’, ‘WWII’, ‘Hiroshima bombing’ and ‘Jewish Holocaust’."

"No body should kill innocents, there is no difference between Zionazi who kill innocents in Palestinians , Iraqis, Afghans and these terrorists."

"jesus is waiting for them in heaven and your prophet waits for you in hell alongside allah..."You Abrahamics are HILARIOUS. You and your little middle-eastern storybook characters. You can't prove ANY of what you just said. What you said carries no more weight than me seeing that God has a Jheri Curl, and only people who spray Soul Glo on their hair will be "saved". Where is the Christian "heaven" located?? Where is your jesus? Why did jesus allow his followers to get blown up?"

"It was not Muslims it was Israelis. It's always Israelis because that's all they know and want to do. Goggle Mossad and Google it again until you relieve your ignorance. This is how the Koshers work. Look up the motto of the Mossad.Google J-wish racism. The truth shall set us free and save a billion lives."

"Quran??? What makes you think that I give a DAMN about a Quran? You Abrahamic buffoons are clueless.

So because I poke fun at the bible characters you automatically assume that I'm rooting for a DIFFERENT middle-eastern comic book character? Piss on all of the characters, from both books.

I don't think with a Bible verse or a Quran verse. I think with something this is incomparably superior to both of those. It's called a BRAIN. Obviously yours has malfunctioned."

"Well i am a muslim. but lets be honest wether or not the suicide bomber was a foreign or not isnt the case..& the muslims who died as a result aren't the case either.. What was the target? The Church right? & Who targeted the Church? if proven & the attacker was a muslim then we have serious issues. We muslims need to accept that we have SICK PEOPLE in between us who believe everyone else should die. We should solve that problem instead of sayin DONT BLAME ISLAM. Or accept the Blame!"

"people have seriously gotta stop pointing to the muslims when something happens to the christians and vise versa!!! this was an attack on EGYPTIANS not just christians cause a whole bunch of muslims died too and for GODSAKES following the threat made by Al-Queda its the PERFRCT opertunity for outside parties to do something like this!!! and since when has Al-Queda stopped claiming bombings straight after they happen??"

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