Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday thought: Brett Favre and Congress; No "I" in team

The Brett Favre Decision versus The Congressional Decision Making Process

As we struggle through another episode of the saga, "Brett Favre in The Streak, will he or won't he play," a thought came to mind regarding the similarity and difference between Congress and him.

Favre, in any comments, statements or interviews typically never mentions the good of the team in his decision making process but makes it more about himself and his legacy. He shouldn't play tomorrow (read about his injuries here) but he very well might and as a New York fan I hope that he does! Favre is very honest yet very selfish.

Members of Congress on the other hand give empty platitudes about the good of the people and what is best for Main Street, when in reality they are also only all about themselves, the feathering of their nests and re-election. The continuation of the Bush tax cuts is a perfect example of how the left talks out of both sides of their mouth. Not very honest and still very selfish.

Note to politicians: honesty is the best policy because then you don't have to remember which lies you told to which people. For a politician though, this strategy would be extremely difficult to implement!

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