Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rex Ryan foot-fetish? Is he running for office? (Video)

He is a football coach, not running for president after all

We are all aware that if you run for elected office there is nothing that is off limits to the prying media. It is the media that will typically perform the vetting of the candidates that you or I can't.

Are there any issues or actions that have occurred in the past that should possibly preclude a man or a woman from serving in public office? The public needs to know in order to make what will hopefully be an educated decision which makes the vetting process critical.

The one exception to this was of course now President Obama whose vetting by the mainstream media could only be described as his past getting a pass in a weak effort to keep the theme on football.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, foot-fetish?

As the New York Jets prepare to play the Chicago Bears this weekend in their run for the playoffs, attention has now been directed onto the coach, Rex Ryan, and the alleged video of his apparent interest in, and appreciation for, the foot.

Could anything be less relevant, and yet this will be the media focus for the rest of the week. Does the press, many of whom are no doubt embroiled in activities far worse, have anything better to do?

They asked if the NFL would be looking into the alleged fetish. They asked Jets management if this presented an issue or if Coach Ryan had the full support of the team.

Apparently they do not.


  1. You know, I really don't get why this is such a "scandal". THEY ARE MARRIED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! If he had done this with some mistress I'd understand, but the video just shows that they have a very healthy and secure relationship - in this day and age of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" being repealed, WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT TWO MARRIED PEOPLE DO WITH EACH OTHER?????? Give it a break already!