Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The politicians who stole the Christmas from Christmas (Video)

Why is the taking of Christmas from Christmas not a big deal? An annual argument.

I was reading an article on the holiday's today and the point was made that removing the word Christmas from Christmas is really not that big a deal.

That Happy Holidays should suffice because it takes any semblance of religion from the equation. That it presents a much safer approach to the time of year.

I don't celebrate Christmas myself but I must admit that if I did, some arbitrary decision to remove the name for purposes having to do only with political correctness and a need to "not offend," would be very troubling to me. That in order to avoid this act of "offending" a term that has survived for a very long time would need to be stricken from the vernacular. And who is it that is being offended anyway?

Some feel that the name of Christmas needs to be eradicated from public view because it may be offensive to; a) those who believe in religion but do not celebrate the holiday, b) those who believe in a religion other than the ones that celebrate Christmas or, c) and more to the point, those who don't believe in a higher power at all and therefore don't believe that anyone else should either. And if they must believe, they should keep that believing to themselves.

Right-wing Zealots?

It seems as if those who are offended by the term Christmas removal from Christmas are portrayed as zealots who should relax and just go along with the P.C. flow. That the events and celebrations now called holiday or egg nog instead of Christmas should be seen as a compromise to everyone and accepted as such.

Jon Stewart points at Fox News in the video below as being some of those zealots. That they are making a mountain out of a religious molehill. That Fox and host Gretchen Carlson are nothing more than right wingers taking what he sees to be an insignificant problem and turning it into a cause celebre.

I must of course strongly disagree!

Where does it end?

What's next? While not religious events, every holiday most likely offends someone and as such should possess a more generic name.

Thanksgiving should be called turkey on a plate day although this would certainly offend the turkey on the plate! Independence Day is probably somewhat offensive to those of British descent whose ancestors lost the war. You get what I mean.

I do know one thing though. Having to buy cards for these occasions is definitely offensive to me!

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