Monday, December 6, 2010

The Obama controversy: If it's Christmas, it must be Chia

The Obama Chia hits the shelves but not without some "controversy"

For those who may not know, Chia Pets are toys that look like dogs, cats, Tweety Bird, Scooby Doo, Garfield and many more characters. You pour water in, paint some kind of seed on the outside and in time grass hair will grow through the holes. They appear at Christmas time and then disappear until the next holiday season.

An Obama Chia hit the store shelves, but was then pulled from some of them due to a racial "controversy." This stemmed from the fact that if the "hair" is left untrimmed, it may begin to look like an afro. Controversy indeed!

THis is the real controversy over a presidential Chia edition that includes Obama

For me the controversy over Chia Obama centers on something else all together. Has President Obama earned the right for his Chia to stand in the same company with Chia President Lincoln, Chia George Washington and Chia Statue of Liberty?

The accomplishments of Washington and Lincoln are well known as is the symbolism and stature of the Statue of Liberty. But does President Obama, based solely on the slogan of "Hope and Change," belong in the special presidential edition of Chia Pets? Particularly if you examine the change that the country has been subjected to by his administration so far.

For me it's the Nobel Peace Prize controversy all over again.

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