Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The kinder and gentler left?

If there was ever any doubt, comments from the YouTube video of my debate with CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin clearly show the intolerance, mean spirit and ignorance of the far- left (a small sample)

Last Thursday I went on Russia Today television to debate Medea Benjamin of CodePink. The topic was the vote that will take place today in the City of Berkeley, California on whether or not Pfc. Bradley Manning should be awarded hero status, yes or no.

Wanting to see the commentary from what I could only assume is the far-left audience of Russia Today TV, I went to YouTube to check it out.

The majority of comments were either pro-Manning, anti-America or anti-me. The funny thing about the far-left is that for all of their statements about compassion and civil argument, time and time again they show their intolerance, incivility and yes, ignorance.

They will also almost always comment through the veil of anonymity.

Here are some examples:

Haltman is a "good little Nazi" - (National Security Party)! Nazi;s GIVE NO SECURITY - they commit HORRIFIC CRIMES! (And get butchered in the end!) I can just see Haltman 5 years down the road Hanging in the square like Mussilini! Whistleblowers REPORT CRIMES, that CRIMINALS try to keep secret! IPads defend our Freedom & Security, so dissolve the Military, mercinaries and police - they are ALL committing crimes & trying to cover them up! IPads are REPORTING IT!


3 days ago

Michael Haltman is such an unAmerican piece of shit. He clearly has forgotten that the Government answers to "We the People" and that its NOT the other way around. An uninformed society is an enslaved society. Burn in hell Michael Haltman you New World Order scumbag. He just loves bowing to Government.

Michael Haltman is the poster child for "Brainwashed American"

He is obviously apposed to democracy and government transparency. He would rather blindly put his faith in a corrupt government... Sounds like religion.

I hope Micheal Fuckman watches this video, then reads these comments and sees reality. It was so hard to watch this video. I'm embarrassed for him. I bet you couldn't have a conversation with that guy without wanting to choke the life out of'em.

Micheal Haltman... is a fucking idiot... wow... From 3:12, the truth is put in front of him and he "disagrees"... He makes it sound like Bradley Manning is helping foreigners when in fact he is trying to help the American people... Fuck Micheal Haltman... If he thinks what the government is doing is correct, then he is delusional... =)

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