Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is Hillary out? Maybe,but she sure is popular! (Video)

Not only is Hillary Clinton the world's most admired woman, but she may be leaving the State Department in anticipation of a presidential run in 2012

From the no accounting for taste department, Hillary Clinton, for the 15th time since 1992 was voted the world's most admired woman. Hillary placed first with 17% of the vote, Sarah Palin runner-up with 12% and Oprah 11% according to a USA Today-Gallup poll.

Where is Joy Behar on that list?

Is she or isn't she, will she or won't she or he?

The speculation has been that there were going to be some changes made within the Obama administration, but is SoS Clinton one of them? And would she be replaced by 2008 surprise Obama supporter Bill Richardson, just back from a trip to North Korea? Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says nothing big is on the horizon, but is this just plausible deniability? What are the possibilities?

a) Hillary wants out, potentially for a primary run against the incumbent Obama;
b) Hillary doesn't want out and a rumor is just a rumor;
c) Richardson went to North Korea at the behest of the White House as he says, or on his own as the White House says;
d) Richardson definitely is out of office in a week so the timing is right.

What makes me think that there may be some truth to the rumor is the fact that the White House strongly denies it. Only time will tell, but this is the kind of thing that makes the week between Christmas and the New Year a little more interesting.

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