Monday, December 6, 2010

Iranian nuclear program and mental masturbation

Iran reinforces for the west the definitions of insanity and mental masturbation

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

Mental Masturbation: The act of engaging in useless yet intellectually stimulating conversation, usually as an excuse to avoid taking constructive action.

In addition to the terms above, Iran has once again shown our leaders the meaning of naivete, failed foreign policy, the dangers inherent in ceding control of our national security to an anemic and ineffective institution (United Nations) and finally the hazards of portraying weakness to regimes who understand only strength and the use of the fist.

For the purpose of discussing Iran, its nuclear capability and its lack of willingness to engage in the process of true diplomacy, let's stick with the term of insanity. The act of doing the same thing time and time again and then expecting a different outcome than the one you got before.

The Iranian nuclear program just keeps on moving forward while the west watches, talks and then talks some more.

Today and tomorrow in Geneva, the 5+1, or the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany will meet with Iran to try and get that country to give up its nuclear ambitions through discussions at the negotiating table.

This, while only yesterday Iran told the world that it was now self-sufficient throughout the nuclear fuel cycle as they had domestically mined yellowcake uranium concentrate.

While obvious to any outsider looking in that Iran has absolutely no intention of stopping the work on its nuclear program, and that they use these meetings as a way to drag things out with the west in order to put off any potential military action against it, it doesn't seem to be that obvious to the professionals who we have working the problem.

Said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about these talks, “This is an opportunity for Iran to come to the table and discuss the matters that are of concern to the international community — first and foremost, their nuclear program...”

Just more of the insanity and mental masturbation, with grave potential consequences if reality does not work its way into the mindset of the United States and our allies.

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