Monday, December 13, 2010

Interview with Nazi SS officer who signed off on the "Final Solution" (video)

Interview with Dr. Bernard Frank, the SS officer who signed the paper that started the Nazi "Final Solution" against the Jews

Dr. Bernard Frank is the oldest living Nazi SS officer, a man who has gone unprosecuted for his crimes. During WWII, he signed the paper from Himmler that marked the beginning of the Nazi "Final Solution" against the Jews.

In what appears as cold, clinical and with no show of remorse (in fact quite the contrary), Frank is led through his career by Mark Gould in an interview that spanned hundreds of hours. Gould, who portrays himself as a neo-Nazi sympathizer needed to first gain Franks trust in order to get from him what he wants to know.

The interview is 23 minutes long which in todays society is an eternity for many who will choose not to watch, but it is interesting, instructive and above all frightening. It will hold your attention.

More importantly it will show what we all already know, that anti-semitism is alive and well. In fact, in the interview Frank uses the opposite of the phrase that Jews have used since the holocaust. The Jews will say "Never Again" when speaking of the holocaust, where Frank would absolutely do it all over again!

Spend the time to watch the video at Pajamas Media by clicking on this link. The video below gives a brief overview by Mark Gould.

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