Monday, December 6, 2010

The failure in Geneva; the arrest of Assange

Why is this man smiling?

Day one of the game of international security charades with Iran played out in Geneva with the expected results; should expectations for any tangible results have been high for day two?

The arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on sex charges in the U.K. will serve as a smokescreen for the utter failure of these talks in Geneva for everyone, except the Iranians!

Geneva Day 1

An unnamed official quoted in the New York Times said that "the meetings on Monday contained much rhetoric, little substance and that both sides rehearsed well known positions."

The morning was apparently filled with members of the P5+1 discussing the need for Iran to calm the worlds angst and restore trust in the fact that its nuclear program is for civilian purposes only.

After lunch there were some bilateral meetings between Iran and the participating country's from the west although not with the United States.

Said a U.S. official, “We did not meet with the Iranians bilaterally. Others did and delivered the unified message that Iran needs to address the international community’s concern about its nuclear program.”

Said the Russian deputy foreign minister, “We needed this round of talks, and during the negotiations we will try to help to remove obstacles.”

WOW! Can Day 1 be termed as anything but a rousing success?

At least they didn't have to waste the day debating what shape the negotiating table should be.

Geneva Day 2

The party's agreed to meet again next month in Turkey.

Actual Day 2 results? The ability of Iran to play the politics of the west better than the west themselves, buying yet another month of unfettered movement on its nuclear weapons program.

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