Wednesday, December 1, 2010

California contrail really a Chinese missile? (Video)

Article update: In the context of the potential for the picture below being a Chinese missile, Robert Gibbs this morning on Fox said the following concerning the Wikileaks dump of confidential messages:

To paraphrase: The United States should not be afraid of one guy with a computer.

We are not "afraid", but in light of possible missiles off the U.S. coast and the ability of "one man with a computer" to get access to classified correspondence, let's just say we are concerned over the Obama administrations capacity to handle national security matters.

Remember that contrail off of the coast of California?

The other day I talked about the 24-hour news cycle and how the media, and the American public by extension, moves from one "critical" story to the next, typically never fully reaching resolution of the previous one. Or the one before that or the one before that or...

Wasn't it just November 8 that a mysterious contrail appeared and was recorded on a T.V. station camera off of the coast of California? Was it a US missile, an airplane contrail, a foreign missile or maybe something else all together? I'm not sure and neither is anyone else, although the Pentagon assures us that it was not a missile.

Since that time we have moved to the news of the Irish debt crisis, North/South Korea conflict and now Wikileaks although I might have forgotten one or two others.

But, going back to the image off the California coast, what exactly was it? Being that close to the U.S. shoreline it would be nice to know, but it was never really determined for sure. Or was it and never disclosed to the American public because to do so would have been extremely detrimental to our feeling of national security?

What if a disclosure was made that in fact this was a Chinese missile? That the United States with all of our fancy equipment was strafed by a submerged submarine a mere thirty miles off of our coast. A submarine that may have nuclear warheads onboard. That would be a major problem, a major hit to the comfort level of the country and would beg the question of "how is that possible?" And, if that was possible, what else would be possible?

Not being a conspiracy theorist, would a coverup of a Chinese missile launch a stones throw from the US mainland be that hard to comprehend?

Experts say missile and are leaning towards China

Some thoughts from G2 Bulletin:


  1. I'm glad I found your Blog. Totally agree with you about how the media handles news stories.
    So much is happening out there right now, its really strange the stories I make up each morning. I can't even watch NBC without wanting to throw something at the TV.If I have to hear about "The Royal Wedding"one more time... *&*& Who the F&^% cares about that??
    I want to know about the really important issues of the day..
    Anyway..I could vent all day..its very frustrating...
    The object is to just keep us all confused, disinformed, throw fake stories out there, so noone will know what is true and whats not.
    I don't believe anything the MSM has to say.
    You just always have to ask "Who benefits" when things happen.. so I'd like to know "Who benefits" from the wikileaks story..and why Obama doesn't seem to be to surprised about it.

  2. Most of us (non-liberals) could vent all day. Thanks for the kind words.


  3. Spot on comment about the media. All they do anymore is report; they don't investigate! Sad. I do believe the government knows what this is, but isn't disclosing it. I don't like the secrecy, but it would be better than the utter incompetence of them not knowing what this was.

  4. As opposed to the incompetence that allows it to happen in the first place? Each is terrifying in its own right.