Friday, December 31, 2010

Bush/Katrina versus Obama/California floods/Northeast blizzard

Mainstream media has no problem with Obama in the surf and on the golf course in Hawaii

Back in 2005 George Bush was vilified in the liberal press, on the liberal airwaves (T.V. and radio) and in the liberal blogosphere for their perception of the federal governments handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (despite the culpability of the Louisiana Governor and New Orleans Mayor who were for the most part given a pass).

As a reminder of the power of nature, on Wednesday the Acting Governor of California Maldonado requested that the state be declared a major disaster area due to the winter storms that have been relentlessly pounding them.

In the northeast they are still digging out from a major blizzard that hit earlier this week, severely affecting cities there and transportation around the country.

Some might say that comparing Katrina to these two events is apples and oranges, but I would say that pictures of Obama splashing in the surf and swinging on the course and offering the press snow cones as if he doesn't have a care in the world is indicative of his self-centered, self-important and callous approach to governing and the American people.

When will the MSM catch on?

Thanks to The Garnet Spy for the photos and link to The Huffington Post story from 2005 showing George Bush and Katrina.

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