Monday, November 15, 2010

National security: Planes, trains and automobiles, Part 2


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...the U.N. Security Council had received a report in May concerning North Korea’s lack of adherence to the sanctions covering its nuclear and missile programs placed on it. The report has been blocked from being released until now by the Chinese, but what it will show is “continuing D.P.R.K. involvement in nuclear and ballistic missile related activities in certain countries including Iran, Syria and Myanmar.”

Scary stuff, but the President in a speech given in South Korea, said that there is “…another path available to North Korea. If they choose to fulfill their international obligations and commitments to the international community, they will have the chance to offer their people lives of growing opportunity instead of crushing poverty.”

Is it naiveté, stupidity or a total lack of understanding on the part of this administration? The North Korean regime could care less about the conditions faced by its people or the sanctions imposed on the country. As we allow time to go by without some definitive action to attempt to diffuse the threat, the point will come where the threat can no longer be stopped.

The same can be said of Iran who just yesterday said that they would participate in the six-party talks, but that discussion of its nuclear program was off of the table. Sanctions are imposed and sanctions are ignored as the march to a nuclear capability goes on if it hasn’t already been reached. At the same time Iran’s missile defense capabilities continue to improve making the strike on the nuclear facilities increasingly more difficult. Iran calls the shots in a classic tail wagging the dog scenario.

Because there is little fear of any definitive action by the Obama administration, we move along in an omission versus commission mode with the potential for a devastating outcome growing daily.

Kim Jung-Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are sitting off in a room in their respective country’s sipping brandy and laughing. Laughing at the United States and more specifically at our leadership. Barack Obama and the Democrats continue to paint our foreign policy and national security with a rhetoric that has convinced no one. Most critically our enemies!

The GOP won the House in convincing fashion in the mid-term elections based on an electorate dissatisfied with the direction the country is moving. People want jobs and economic growth, particularly with the amount of money that the Obama administration has thrown at it.

At the same time, we need the President to truly recognize the dangers that we face and to deal with them in a way that will make the country and the people safer and not less safe. It needs to be done in a way that cannot be achieved with rhetoric, but with some type of definitive action.

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