Friday, October 29, 2010

Sanctions be damned, the tail (Iran) is continuing to wag the dog (the World)


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Coordinated Terrorist Plot? Dry Run?

The title to this post was written this morning well before the scope of the terrorist activities emanating from Yemen and al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula was known and the article will be expounded upon later.

The premise of the article was going to be the fact that this administration is playing a fools game with Iran, and the Iranian nuclear program. The world is playing directly into Iran's hands, giving that country the unfettered ability to move along the road to a nuclear capability by utilizing useless sanctions and the worthless promises of Iran to come to some supposed negotiating table.

As the test by AQAP today shows, we do not have the leeway to allow Iran to obtain nukes, assuming they have not done so already. It is time for the Obama administration to wake up and smell reality, particularly given the events of today.

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