Saturday, September 25, 2010

The tolerance of discrimination against white Americans is exposed and basically ignored by the mainstream media

Civil Rights Commission Hears The Testimony Of Christopher Coates

Is there a culture of tolerance for discrimination against white citizens in the Eric Holder led Department of Justice? Is the New Black Panther Party case, in which charges of voter intimidation at Philadelphia polling places during the 2008 presidential election were dropped, an isolated case or endemic of a systemic problem of white citizens being viewed as second class in the eyes of the DOJ?

The plan of Christopher Coates to testify against the wishes of the DOJ was detailed in this blog on Thursday, with the testimony taking place yesterday. This testimony had the potential to be damaging and embarrassing not only to the DOJ, but to the Obama administration as well.

Was the Stephen Colbert testimony before another House Sub-committee yesterday a smokescreen to draw attention from this testimony by Coates (Colbert story and video here)? Most likely, and it seems to have worked to some extent as the anger over that carnival sideshow has been palpable.

That said, the Coates testimony occurred and was both instructive and damaging to the administration. From Fox News:

Coates went in depth about a controversial decision to dismiss charges against New Black Panther members after they were videotaped outside a Philadelphia polling place in 2008 dressed in military-style uniforms and allegedly hurling racial slurs while one brandished a night stick.

The case has drifted in and out of the limelight over the past year as the commission has struggled to investigate it. Ex-Justice official J. Christian Adams fueled the controversy when he testified in July and accused his former employer of showing "hostility" toward cases that involve white victims and black defendants.

Nearly three months later, Coates backed up Adams' claims. In lengthy and detailed testimony, he said the department cultivates a "hostile atmosphere" against "race-neutral enforcement" of the Voting Rights Act. [...]

He said civil rights attorneys stick to cases that involve minority victims and that the Black Panther case was dismissed following "pressure" by the NAACP and "anger" at the case within the Justice Department itself.

"That anger was the result of their deep-seated opposition to the equal enforcement of the Voting Rights Act against racial minorities and for the protection of white voters who have been discriminated against," he said.

While this story may not be front page news in the mainstream media, it may also be completely ignored as well. Thumbing through today's New York Times I could not find any mention of the story. Is it because this is really not big or worthwhile news, that I just didn't look carefully enough or is the MSM once again protecting the Obama administration ahead of the mid-term elections?

In any event, the alternative media of bloggers and news distribution outlets such as Fox will make sure that this story will get the traction that it deserves. Discrimination in any direction is not tolerable and should be policed and dealt with in a color blind fashion.


  1. I agree discrimination should not be tolerated at all. So, where are the white victims that were discriminated against and not allowed to vote?

  2. I am not a 14th amendment citizen I am a free man on the land I am a white women and it is to be honored not stepped on. My 5 children and I have had no rights, no equal opportunity for work, schooling medical or dental nothing. I am sick of our So called Christian 501c3 tolerate morons who allow this country to go down hill and especially allow the degradation of white people